Announcing 2011 Got Dirt? Photo Contest winners


SCA is thrilled to announce the following winners for our 2011 Got Dirt? Photo Contest. These photos inspired us in one way or another to get out and enjoy nature. Thank you to the more than 6,000 entries we received.

Grand Prize winner: Denis Dessoliers, “Morning”

It was sprinkling when I was driving up to Clear Lake, Colorado. I was concentrating on the road ahead because the terrain was very rough, steep and narrow, just enough for one vehicle. As I was looking back through my rear mirror, to my surprise, a rainbow appears on the other mountain of Silverton, Colorado. I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass by so I immediately stopped the car and took this shot.

2nd Place Winner: Don Holland, “Eagle Aerobatics”

The male bald eagle left its perch high in the nest tree, a loblolly pine. In order to enter the nest, it was necessary to re-enter the tree since the branches prevented it dropping down. The bird’s athleticism allowed it to make a tight turn into the nest. The nest is the only eagle nest on Shiloh National Military Park grounds.

3rd Place Winner: Jill Klasen, “Sunset Sillies”

Honorable Mentions:

Aleska Petersons, Puddle Jumping

This picture was taken at a park in Lake Zurich, Il. I was shooting my friend and her two kids. I told her 3 year old to just go have fun in the mud. This picture captures how fun puddles in the park can be.

Kimberley Martin, “Confidential Commune

I photographed myself in the wild mustard flowers that were over taking the hill behind a local park. The flowers and I were having a deep and private discussion.
Huntington Beach, California.

Eden Hassett, “Three-sixty

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