Annie Julia Armstrong


Okay, so this is Annie J. Armstrong in a nutshell! She is young at heart, because she is still growing into the adult she would like to be. She loves learning new things and is always up for a good challenge. Annie didn’t always know that working for the Student Conservation Association was something she really had a true passion for until the summer 2012. She had been through a lot career wise, and there were so many things she wanted to work out with herself. She felt torn between becoming a better version of herself and being able to work in environment where she felt motivated, happy and inspired instead of being content and unsettled with what she was doing. So, she applied for a Conservation Corps position listed on the Student Conservation Association website hoping she could change her situation around and start moving into a direction where she could grow, change and excel on her own terms. After not hearing anything for a few months she decided maybe it wasn’t going to happen for her with SCA at time. She was going to have to try other places to start her journey towards personal and professional success. Being the person that she is, she never gives up and never takes no as never going to happen. She always says, “Things don’t happen on my clock, there is a higher power.” With that said, as she so anxiously walked out of the admissions office of her College where she had just enrolled into summer classes towards completing her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. Annie received a phone call. On the other end was an interview/selections Coordinator. She was calling on the behalf of the SCA to offer Annie a position as a crew member on a Conservation Corps Crew. The Crew would be working in the Angeles National Forest in San Fernando California. The representative went on to tell Annie that the work would be challenging and there were plenty of trainings to help prepare her for the job if she chose to accept. Of course Annie turned the offer down, just kidding! She happened to accept that offer and hasn’t looked back since. “Things always workout just not on your time,” is what she says to people who aspire to be a better a version of themselves. She hopes to take on more responsibility in her leadership role with SCA this spring and summer. Annie wants to gain new skills that will continue to guide her throughout her professional development. Moreover, she is looking forward to all the new challenges the season has to offer. Annie will push herself out of her comfort zone and believe enough in her to know she has what it takes to make this spring and summer one of the bests she’s ever had.