Anne’s Adventure Hitch – Hitch 8 Sierra Crew


Anne’s Adventure Hitch

Around Bird Springs Pass on the southern boundary of the Kiavah Wilderness, the flowers were blooming and the bees were pollinating. The sun was so hot you could see the heat waves rising from the ground.  Everything was coming to life again. The dirt was conveniently easy to dig and the nights were calm. We began our hitch with good rest, good food, and rewarding days of work. We had dance parties during stretch circle and did yoga during off time. Jawbone crew was camped not far from us and came over to have dinner together. We played badminton and ate together by fire.

Thanks to our recently developed 4×4 skills, getting our truck stuck in some deep sand was only a very minor issue. We noticed our ice had turned into water and some food was not going to last without quick action, but we adjusted to the inconvenience. However, chasing a mouse around the green monster and finding some deposits in the morning came as a surprise. We began to realize that we might need to take extra precautions. It only became more apparent when I found a lizard hiding inside my shirt during a restoration project.

I dreamt of battling a snake the night before our project leader, Chris says, “Look out, I reckon it’s comin’ time for them snakes to be out.”

The clouds began to hover over us at work with only a few days left in our hitch. Some wonderful smelling desert rain gave us relief from the heat. We ate lunch in the truck and found that our tents were only slightly damp. The rain continued through the night and we woke up to a colorful rainbow diving across the valley. That night we received word that a big storm was coming in the night and would last through the morning. We planned to pack camp before our last full workday. I made the decision to pack the green monster the previous night. We slept with much anticipation and woke to the most rain we’ve encountered since being in the desert. They were challenging conditions to work under on this cold, rainy morning. We persisted through to Sage Canyon to finish a hard barrier project. The valley was mystifying with vibrant colors and spectacular aromas. There was a stream forming in the wash. New Joshua tree buds were growing on our past restoration sites. It was astonishing to experience the desert coming to life.



Work Totals:


Restoration Sites Restored = 14

Sites Monitored = 12

Sites Effectiveness Monitored = 9

Sq Meters Restored = 4741.33

Vertical Mulch = 415

Seed Pits # = 331

Trash = 18 lb