Ann DeSanctis’ October Update


The Regional FPC Symposium continued to dominate my workload but, as the month progressed, I started focusing more and more on PGE events and getting things ready for the Harvest After Party.

PFPC- I finished up the registration brochure for the symposium and several different press releases and sent out all of the materials to every media outlet I thought appropriate, plus some. Then I sent it to all personal contacts to try and spread the word and get as many registrations as possible (scholarships are riding on this!). Now we are waiting for the registrations to roll in! I also worked with Heather and the Zoo’s catering company to come up with an appropriate menu and contract. I was not in town to attend the monthly PFPC meeting but I did distribute the minutes upon my return.

Penn State- This was an interactive month at PSE. I tabled for two days at the Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center Fall Harvest Fest in State College and spent quite a bit of time coming up with ideas for the table. I ended up doing coloring sheets, recipe cards, and having many Food Day materials. I interacted with around 110 people over the weekend and many more saw the table. Then, I got to attend and help with the Food For Profit program and the Kitchen Incubator mini-conference, both at Slippery Rock.

PGE- Two great events happened this month, the Kid Friendly Brain Food Nutrition Class with Kim and the 2nd Annual PGE Seed Swap. I did fairly strong marketing blasts for both. The nutrition class was a hit with kids and parents, alike, and the seed swap had great attendance and was raved about on the PGE meetup following. Great progress was made with the Harvest After Party, as well. I got a band to commit as well as secured the venue for the party.

Other- I did a lot of outside volunteering to try and make up hours. All was a blast and I hope to continue it this month: Greenbuild Conference, PPC end of the year garden cleanup, trail maintenance in Rock Creek Park, Arbor Aid, Breathe Campaign Launch, and the Friendship Halloween Blitz. I also was able to go to the AASHE conference for a day which was a great treat.