Andy Hasler


Like my father I have lived on Long Island for almost all of my life.  For college I moved to Ithaca, New York to Attend Cornell University and while there I majored in Biology & Society.  I also worked in an Ornithology lab helping a grad student with her work on Red Backed Fairy Wrens, raced with the cross-country skiing team, and worked as a sound and lighting technician.  I learned about the SCA in my senior year from a teammate on the ski team and since then have been hoping to volunteer. I was selected to participate in the Desert Restoration Corp and will begin working on October 1st.  Since I live in New York I plan on driving out to California visiting parks along the way in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California.  I’ve read the Dune series a number of times and it’s left me pining for the desert. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it.