AND the Winners are…


These shots took top prize in the Summer 2015 Capture Conservation Photo Contest

For the Capture Conservation Photo Contest, we asked you to share images that might inspire others to prioritize conservation as much as you do. 

The thousands of stunning entries that we received in response made for a tough decision when it was time to choose the winners, but we think you’ll agree: the images below showcase nature at its brilliant best.

Grand Prize: Me and Mobius Arch by Sungjin Ahn

ABOVE: Sungjin Ahn’s favorite camping spots are Yosemite and Joshua Tree, but he ventured into Alabama Hills National Recreation Area to grab this shot of Mobius Arch silhouetted against a dazzling night sky. How’d he manage to get into the middle of his own photo? A self-timer and a statue-like ability to stand perfectly still during 30 second, star-capturing exposures.

This isn’t the first time Sungjin’s created something intended to inspire widespread conservation feel-goods. Check out this timelapse he made at Joshua Tree National Park a few years ago.

2nd Prize: Elements by Hillary Schmidt

second prize "Elements" autumn hike through zion national park the narrows slot canyon

Hillary Schmidt opted for a vertical panorama to capture the stunning scale and timeless beauty of Zion National Park’s Narrows. This shot, taken on a hike last fall, makes us want to layer up and strike out in search of autumnal adventure.

3rd Prize: Bear on the Run by Sylvia Taylor

Third Prize: Bear on the Run a grizzly bear runs on its hind legs through the tundra in denali national park, alaska

Sylvia Taylor will tell you, when you live and work in Denali National Park, wildlife sightings on your morning commute eventually start to seem like no big deal. A grizzly bear on its hind legs running at full tilt, though? That never gets old. It’s also why you bring a camera with a long focus lens…

Thank you so much to everyone who shared photos! Stay tuned for the next round of Capture Conservation!