Amosh Neupane


SCA 2014 – NYC

Youth Conservation Corps | New York City

SCA Title: Crew member, Field Blogger

Site Name: Youth Conservation Corps, New York City

Amosh emigrated from Bhadrapur, Nepal to Queens, NY a year and 10 months ago, but he’s already established himself as a young Earthsaver to watch in his new hometown. He’s participated in every single ConSERVE NYC event since we began the monthly service project series last year. After attending the very first one, he was so jazzed up for serving the planet that he went and founded a conservation service club at his high school: The Coalition of Students for Environment and Climate Action (COSECA).

This summer, he’s serving on an SCA YCC crew doing crucial park preservation work throughout the NYC area, and journaling the whole experience for the Follow Me Field Blog.

Keep up with his conservation adventures in the Big Apple HERE.


Hometown: Bhadrapur, Nepal and Queens, New York City

School: Middlebury College, incoming freshman

Major: Undecided

Dream Job: Public Service

Current favorite song: The Scientist by Coldplay

The person who inspires me most is… My dear mom, J. K. Rowling, and Hubert Selby, Jr.

If I could pass a law… I would mandate carrying a reusable water bottle for all, at all times.

If I was a shape shifter I’d turn into… A snowy owl or an orca?

My motto: Stop trying to maneuver life in the right direction; instead, let life do it for you.

My most memorable outdoor moment: There isn’t exactly one to mention. Every time I’m out volunteering with my friends and we complain about mosquito bites, or gobble down a sandwich in two gulps on the trail, or pose whimsically with tools for pictures, all these moments are amazing and precious.

What forces, events, or influences in your life inspired you to become a conservationist? The joy I experience when I realize that what I’m doing isn’t for me, but is for every single living and non-living object on this planet. Conservation is giving ode to previous generations for helping Mother Earth live, and at the same time safeguarding the Earth for future generations.

Keep up with Amosh’s adventures as an SCA YCC crew member this summer on the Follow Me Field Blog.

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