AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA Corps Team Blue 3


Featured Earthsavers for the #Next100

FEMA Corps Team Blue 3 is serving a 10-month term to strengthen our nation’s capacity to prepare for and respond to disasters. They’ve had the opportunity to serve communities across the country and help ensure America’s natural legacy for the #Next100 years.

They united as a team to participate in SCA’s 9/11 find your park day of service at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (Left to right: Alexander Lau, Amy Hudgins, James Quintana, Connor Conzone, Kara Buckmaster, Landon Snyder, Celicia Davis, Sarah Delozier)

What’s your service story?

KARA: I began my service as a young girl in Girl Scouts. I grew up with community service engrained in who I am. After I graduated high school, I joined a local rescue squad and became an EMT. I joined AmeriCorps while finishing my degree in Emergency Management. I serve because I was raised to care about how my actions impact others and where I live. I serve because it gives me a purpose greater than myself, and I think that is really important.

Why do you serve the planet?

AMY: Being from New Mexico, I have experienced the hardship of having limited natural resources. When communities around the world are careless with their use of water, it negatively impacts other areas around the world, especially places that are already struggling. The snow-capped mountains in New Mexico are beautiful, and most of the water we have access to comes from them. Global warming means it snows less on them; this not only detracts from their beauty but also further diminishes our ability to get fresh water. I serve the planet to try to stop this in my community and in communities around the world.

What’s your favorite green space?

CONNOR: My favorite places to go are the ocean beaches in Montauk on Long Island. I love to walk along the shore feeling the warm sand and listening to the waves crashing. I like to close my eyes and nap hearing the thunder coming from the sea.

Tell us about one of your favorite service event experiences.

CECILIA: A free community dinner we served at called “Welcome Table” was my all-time favorite. I felt I connected with and learned so much from the families. I learned about the community, diverse career paths, and overall economic hardship. With being away from my family, it made me feel at home and reminded me of Thanksgiving or Sunday dinner at home with the family. To keep a long story short, “Welcome Table” reminded me why I am so thankful and appreciative of so many things. The families were always encouraging and willing to share their testimony and outlook on life.

What’s your next earthsaving goal?

ALEX: My next earthsaving goal is to be more mindful of the little things I do in my day-to-day activities. I plan to pay better attention to the length of my showers, decrease the amount of plastics products I use (such as plastic water bottles), turn off the lights when I’m not in the room, and so on. Even if all these little things end up just being a drop in the bucket, it’s one less drop that we’ll have to worry about.