American Eagle and SCA – Reclaim the Outdoors – Pittsburgh


Reclaim the Outdoors - AEO/SCA Pittsburgh

LOCATION: South Side Park
DATE & TIME: Saturday, October 23, 10am-3pm

EVENT RECAP: 12 CLC students, 7 staff and former crew leaders, and 11 neighborhood volunteers attended what turned out to be a sunshine and energy-filled workday in South Side Park in Pittsburgh’s South Side Slopes neighborhood. The projects consisted of trail work along the parking lot/baseball field Connector Trail and the Plateau Trail, litter cleanup around the Plateau area and Bandi Schaum Field, and invasive plant removal around the entire park. Throughout the day, several residents approached the group thanking them for their work and offering to join, and expressed surprise and delight that non-residents would work so hard in the park. It was a very meaningful experience for those involved!

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Projects Completed:

  • Roughly 40 trees freed of invasive vines
  • 6 large bags of trash and debris collected
  • 1 large bag of recyclables collected
  • Several bundles of Japanese knotweed collected
  • 4 fallen trees cleared from across trails
  • Approximately 1 mile of trail “brushed” and cleared of obstacles
  • 5 drainage structures installed on trails
  • Approximately 200 feet of bench-cutting completed on trails
  • 6 check steps and a reinforced drain dip reset