Back in January, when I was still learning about all of the different events which we would be taking part during our 10 month program, someone told me about an SCA AllCorps gathering taking place in July. It sounded sort of like a company picnic, and the thought of warm summer nights of dancing, swimming, food, and music helped make the long, cold, winter nights a little more bearable.

Practicing an egg drop using natural materials

Team work, communication, and balance required to cross the field on tires.

There was also talk of a competition where the winner would receive a trophy of bullhorns. At that moment, training had begun. The phrase “AllCorps,” facetiously became motivation to do anything physical.

The SCA AllCorps Trophy Bullhorns

From swinging an axe (AllCorps), to going on a hike (AllCorps!), the event and competition became something we could all unite around. We “trained” for the competition by playing team-building games requiring communication, coordination, and strategy. Knowing that the physically demanding work we were doing during hitch was “training” for AllCorps made it a little more fun and we were able to at least crack a smile for minute or two.


Six Leg

The competition was held yesterday and the Northern New England team (made of NH Corps and VT Corps) won a hard fought battle against New York team (Adirondack and Hudson Valley Corps) and Southern New England team (Massachusetts Corps and Connecticut Corps), and brought the horns back to Bear Brook State Park after they had spent the past year in the Adirondacks. Way to go Northern New England!

All Corps Talent Show!

Thinking back to those days in Manchester, NH, with a van full of people I’d just met, it seemed like so long ago. 6 months have passed, and now that our original community is all spread out through New Hampshire and Maine, it was amazing to see our whole group together.

The weekend was spent sharing stories and hugs, making plans for future breaks and generally goofing around and relaxing. We heard many comments that New Hampshire Corps has an aura about them of being a very cohesive group, and I believe it. No matter what.

The Northern New England Team takes home the horns!