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View: David Stahl:

An amazing time, where so many SCA people came together it

Looked like a giant conservation party. We

Laughed a lot (I mean, A LOT!), and had an awesome time

Cruising down the Deerfield River in (partially inflated) intertubes.
Shelburne Falls was a cute little town we stopped in, where we saw the biggest glacial pothole in the world (

Oh man it was a big one!) and had the world’s biggest ice cream cones. Then, after seeing the spectacular,

Riproaring talent show we prepared for the ALL CORPS CHALLENGE, where there was major

Pressure for our team, Bear Brook + others, to dominate.

So we did, parted ways with Vermont TrACS, and said it was good.

View: Eben Spalding:

It twas a Thursday. With Black Mountain freshly in the books it was time to set off for ALLCORPS. Having never been a SCAer I have never had any experience with something of such caliber like ALLCORPS and thus I had few ideas of what to expect.

Upon arrival, and when I say arrival I mean we drove by the camp the first time because the taste of ambition was blinding, we reunited with the Vermont TrACS team and formed SUPERTrACS. For the rest of the night SUPERTrACS spent catching, both up on life and Frisbees.

The next day, after mistakenly waking up at 7am for an 8am breakfast, we split up into different activity groups. I, along with David and Lukie, signed up for the RIVER EXTRAVAGANZA crew. We headed over to a spot on the Deerfield River for the day where Lukie sat neck deep in the water for hours talking about nothing. In the late afternoon, after realizing how pruned we were, the RIVER EXTRAVAGANZA crew turned into the SHELBURNE TOWN EXTRAVAGANZA crew. As the SHELBURNE TOWN EXTRAVAGANZA crew we spent about two hours exploring the many ice cream and candy stores that Shelburne has to offer. Upon returning I spent a good chunk of time destroying the competition in Cribbage. Then we enjoyed the first talent show I have even seen where there was still talent after the first two acts and does not turn into a joke. Some may call the talent show spectacular. After playing cribbage in to the wee hours of the night I returned to my tent only to wake up to catch breakfast at 7am.

A large breakfast was key in what was soon to come in the next few hours. We all know what I am talking about of course. I am talking about the ALLCORPS CHALLENGE. For the challenge SUPERTrACS joined hands with Bearbrook to form NORTHERN NEWENGLAND. The challenge consisted of a bridge of doom station, bees knees challenge, orb toss, 7 legged mutant run, hammer time challenge, water boarding station (even more difficult than torture), and an old fashioned tug of war to cap it off. Just before the tug of war it was anybody’s game. However NORTHERN NEWENGLAND went undefeated in the tug of war (still undefeated and accepting challenges) and came out on top and took home the famous horn trophy. Well, Bearbrook took it with them but we got a sweet picture with it. With the end of the challenge came the end of ALLCORPS and we packed up our belongings and left.