All Crazy On The Desert Front


Wild50 2014 Crew

Day 1

We are at war with the desert crazy. We have been in battle before, but this hitch seems like it will be more testing than our previous bouts. Desert crazy can arise from numerous events: sleep deprivation from unexpected weather and stir-fried brains from unimaginable heat are just the surface. We know what we signed up for, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t.

Day 2

We arrived hot and ready to the frontline, the Santa Rosa Wilderness. Our contact, Major Smith lead us to the battle zone. We hiked about 2.5 miles on the beautiful Cactus Springs Trail that has all the best qualities of the high desert: views of jagged mountains, flowering yucca and charismatic pinyon pines.  This hike gave us the opportunity to assess the trail, and plan out what needed to be done. Our first goal was to establish a supply line to the front. We were to clear off the trail to make it easier to walk through. Private Richter and I were assigned loppers to do the job while Red provided heavily artillery relief. A few (literal) ambushes here and there, but we were able to complete our goal. The trail was cut back to our designated midpoint. A small victory for the Wild50.

Day 4

The elements are against us. The desert crazy has enlisted poor weather against our tired bodies. It has been windy the past few nights, and last night it poured. Not sure if the crazy is getting to us, but we could have sworn that there was some snow this morning. True or not, it was exceptionally cold this morning. Our team is doing an amazing amount of work given our circumstances. Thank the mighty yucca for that. We continue to improve the accessibility of our supply route, setting in stepping stones to make it easier to travel in and out. The troops have also built new features on the trail to discourage any further erosion.  We press on, passing time by working on our fitness. Push up O’ Clock and pull ups on Private Richter’s rock rings are some of our choice workouts. The desert crazy creeps In the back of our minds. It’s becoming more apparent in our speech and conversations. However, it’s too early to succumb to it.

Day 7

The crazy has launched an aggressive offensive attack. We are no longer able to speak in complete sentences. Our actions are irrational. We hung out in the trailer just to hang out in the trailer.  There’s some crazy dancing going on. We know the end is near, but cannot rile up any more sanity. Not on Day 7 anyways.

Day 9

Relief has finally found its way. We finished up our final projects on the trail and then travelled down the mountain back to civilization.  HQ treated us to a delicious pizza party. The lunch helped signify that we survived another bout with the crazies. We are very thankful for the meal and the other goodies that Mr. Hill and Mr. Harris have given us. Their support throughout this war has been a great morale booster.

More good news: we found out that our contract has been extended. Come August we will leave California for a whole new theater…New Mexico! Our spirits are high and bodies willing to travel. We will miss California, but we have some exciting hitches coming up to make the most of the Golden State.