This hitch was not like any other hitch. No, this hitch, we took the might of the Rands Crew and combined it with the powers of the other DRC crews (Boners, Owens & Golden Valley) and headed down south to go help Wild Corp in Blythe, Ca. Yes, it was an all corps hitch!

Before getting to the work part, I believe that food is more important. At AllCoprs, there was some major cook-downs going on. At 5pm, the day was not over. Oh no! Each crew would head back to the cook tent and prepare their special meals. There were different categories of meals to be prepared:
Things you can eat with your hands between bread
Seitan worship
Breakfast for dinner
Crew favorites
Crew members rushed from kitchen to kitchen, filling their bowls up and maintaining a high cholesterol level.

To welcome the Ridgecrestian crews, WildCorp brought us to a nearby river where we all swam and splashed around. The next day though, stuff got serious and everybody headed to ‘The Dune’ where most of us got stuck in deep sand. After 3hours of digging trucks out, we got to the work sight where we began fence work, and a killer hill climb. We finished the hill climb after 2days of fire lining rock bags to the incursion.

We headed back to the Rands and discovered that keeping rain pant in one’s backpack is way more useful than keeping it in out tents. The wind was crazy and setting up our tents was a tough task. This was the 1st rain in the Rands since september 2011. We kicked ass and completed 2 incursions in 2days work (and a few hours).

We also welcomed our new Project Leader. Jon is now going to be leading the Randsies. Our new P.L. plays fiddle and mandolin, which we all know are instruments that kick ass. We are now the musical dominant crew.
Jack leaves us, but we will remember him and especially his Seitan Shepard’s Pie, which looked more like a stew. Farewell Jack.