All-Corps: The happiest we’ve ever been to win 2nd place!


Two weeks ago the CT Corps attend the all-corps extravaganza hosted by Massachusetts Corps, and it was awesome! We enjoyed three days of swimming, hiking, contra dancing, music, new friends, and some healthy competition. It was a great experience to be reminded of the community we are all a part of though SCA, and to see so many of your peers (and SCA staff) doing such great work for the environment with such enthusiasm for it. It made us all feel very lucky to be a part of this unique community and to be reminded that we are all here for a reason, and together, we can make some great strides in conservation. Despite such inspiration, we still came in second in the all-corps competition and were so excited about it! We were teamed up with the awesome Mass. Corps, had quite a performance in hammering nails, killed it on silent cheering, and didn’t come in last! Thank you to everyone that was a part of making this such a great experience for all of us! Below are some highlights from the corps:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet up and spend time with other people doing conservation work in the region. We’re all doing very different things but we have a common mission and even share some of the same day-to-day struggles, although some days I’d much rather clean up invasives than Salesforce. We were reminded to expand our focus and not get too caught up on the details of our individual projects, and I think that’s especially important to remember as our program draws to a close in September.” -Jenna

“My favorite part of All Corps was when Chamae, Erin, and I got to play in a fast moving, shallow, rocky river. It was so cool and refreshing after the heat and warm lakes. Chamae got swept down river because of her daring, and we got to see a posse of wood ducks (identification yet to be confirmed). There was a mom and 7 babies! They frolicked, dove, and did this weird running thing across the water’s surface. I also pretended to luge, while trying not to get swept downriver myself. Oh, the fun we had!” -Kayla

“Once again All-Corps brought about the best and the brightest of SCA. The dynamic duo of the Clean Energy and Massachusetts Corps came in second in the overall challenge. Although we didn’t possess the superior strength to overcome in the tug-o-war challenge we sure as hell got the brain part down.” -Jeff

“It was great to learn more about what a traditional corps looks like and how it functions. It was nice to see all of the corps members we had met during our Scenic Hudson service day and have the chance to get to know them a bit better during the contra dance and day trips. All in all it was pretty excellent, despite having our butts handed to us during the more physical corps challenges. There’s no taking 2nd place away from the CT Corps!” -Erin

-Stacy, Jenna, Kayla, Jeff & Erin