Alison Cook


Hi, I’m Alison. I hail from Kansas City, Missouri and I graduated from Columbia College, in Columbia Missouri in 2012. I started off working at a huge pumpkin patch down by the Missouri River feeding hungry customers and watching pig races while going to high school, to interning at the Omaha Zoo and Wildlife Safari Park last year. The last five years have been a little crazy! (Example, photo above – Oreo, one of the orneriest African pygmy goats ever known to man). Some of my hobbies include, reading, travelling when I get the chance, watching movies, geography, hiking, photography, and fishing to name a few. What drives me is this, I’ve always had a place in my heart for wildlife and conservation and grew up with this message ingrained in my brain from my parents; which is what brought me to accepting this internship in Kansas. I am concerned with preserving our natural resources and thankful for this opportunity to be involved with conservation and earn a whole new set of skills.