Alex Smith


Alex is from the tidewater region of Virginia.  After completing high-school, Alex traveled for a couple of years.  He worked at an animal refuge in Thailand, explored the country side of Laos, read a couple of books in Fiji, worked as an underwater ceramic technician in Australia, and then became a professional apple picker in New Zealand where he was deemed by coworkers, “Apple Jesus”.   He is a recent graduate from James Madison University where he studied Geography.  He is interested in traveling, sustainability, ecology, reading, friendship, music, and heaps of other things. He enjoys blue-grass, science-fiction novels, traveling remote and foreign places, playing bingo and making new friends. Alex hopes to find and eradicate legendary catfish “Big Caesar.” He vows to someday “avenge all the people that succumbed senselessly to those savage and deadly whiskers.”

Student Conservation Association
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