Alaina Julian


Alaina lives in Concord California, having graduated from high school at the Environmental Studies Academy (ESA) in Martinez, CA. Being a part of that school had a huge impact on her, fueling a desire to take a hands-on role in her community and environment.

In 2011, Alaina worked with Green Peace USA, the world’s largest, independent non-profit organization, fighting for social and environmental justice. Currently, Alaina works as a self-employed brand ambassador representing various companies around the San Francisco bay area.

Summer is Alaina’s favorite time of year because it is the season for carnivals, fairs, and festivals of all kinds. She is especially obsessed with music festivals and loves spending the day in the warm sun dancing (terribly) to good music in the company of friends.

Since graduating from the ESA in 2008, Alaina feels as though she has become distant and less involved with the pursuits she had become so passionate about. Alaina is eager to become involved with the SCA to help re-root her into a lifestyle where she is able to make an impact on her surroundings and interact with others who share similar views. She is excited to open a door to new opportunities to learn about and work with the environment.