AK Corp Team 1: Week Two


Cruising Through Our Second Week!!

Last week started off with beautiful weather on top of Mt. Baldy were we finished our re-vegetation and opened up the first phase of trail construction to the hikers of Anchorage! Much to our delight the hikers were happy to have a new safe trail to hike/run on. With the excitement of opening up the trail we began our second phase of construction and completed about 900 feet of new trail and are close to finishing up the second phase with a little bit of tidy work an awesome rock wall and to end it with re-vegetation and seeding the previous route used by hikers.
I know some of you are probably wondering “Alaska Trail Crew, when you say re-vegetation what do you mean?”, we’ll dear blog readers let me explain to you. With our 3×2 tundra mats that we cut to make our new trail, we will use those on the existing route by breaking up the ground and laying the mats down and staking them also with seeding the surrounding area to give them some encouragement to grow
This past week was also Summer Solstice for the great state of Alaska with Saturday having the most daylight at 22 hours. Unfortunately at the time our beautiful weather we had been experiencing decided to no longer entertain us and invited there clouds and rain to accompany us over the weekend. But that didn’t stop some of our crew at doing an overnight hike to Mt Wolverine!
Working on a trail for 8 hours can become quite tiresome and pretty boring if you don’t have something to keep you entertained while cutting new sections of trail. We always like to start our morning off with a safety circle and a question of the day like:
·         If you had any super powers what would it be?
·         If you climbed to the top of the mountain, what would be there waiting for you?
·         If you could eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it?
·         What was your Original birth name supposed to be and what is your middle name?
We also play a lot of riddle games that can keep your mind going crazy for hours, Just like Me (Jaynae) & Sammy found out when we played My Grandma Likes Coffee but not Tea this past week. Would you like to try, I’ll give you a couple of hints 
                 ·         She likes Rocks but Hates Stones
                 ·         She likes Ocean but Hates Water
                 ·         She likes Noodles but Hates Spaghetti
                 ·         She likes Alaska but Hates Baltimore
Did you catch the clues yet? Or are you still confused like we both were? Well when you figure it out I guarantee you’ll probably feel the same way we did. Ha-ha!
Until next week!
Check out the blog on http://scaalaskatc.blogspot.com/ too for more pictures.


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