Adrienne – Education and Conservation Team


Yo, my name is Adrienne and I am so psyched to be out here in Bear Brook State Park! I grew up in Chicago’s northern suburbs (DA Bears!) where swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and sunbathing on Lake Michigan were everyday summertime activities. It took a few years for me to appreciate it, but after meeting Chicago residents who had never seen the Lake, after reading about several beach closings due to an assortment of contaminants, and after learning these situations were not unique to the region, I realized how much I had taken my beautiful lake for granted. Maturing through college, where I earned my Bachelor’s in civil engineering, I decided that protecting our nation’s natural splendor and everyone’s right to enjoy it would be a core part of my career. By working with SCA I hope to convince younger people to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices and behaviors into their every day lives and to encourage them not to wait until they are “grown up” to start making a change. Peace, love, and adventure!