Adam Bryant – ACE VUS Texas/Massachusetts

I worked as a plumber in Washington D.C. for four years after graduating high school in 2002 in Germantown, MD. I used my vacation time to begin taking small trips around the world. A week in Poland, a boat ride to Mexico. I decided that I wanted to leave the trades and go to university. I went to Salisbury University on the eastern shore of Maryland where I studied English Lit and Philosophy. I taught English at a prison while in school as well as studied abroad in India, focusing on Environmental issues in the city of Pune. I participated in open mics and poetry slams, as well as playing on the Ultimate Frisbee team and intramural basketball. After graduation in 2009 I moved to Gallatin Gateway, MT and lived in a valley in the Rocky Mountains. I learned to love horseback riding, hiking, tracking, fly fishing and birding here. I then got a job at the Maryland Park Service where I discovered Aldo Leopold and my love for Conservation. Since the MPS I have worked with Americorps, Army Corps of Engineers and the SCA as well as organic farming in urban Kansas CIty, MO and on several farms on the Big Island of Hawaii. I meditate in the Vippassana tradition and love to read, write, sing and play frisbee.