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SCA Trail Town Outreach Corps Mission: To foster economic revitalization and sustainable redevelopment in the Great Allegheny Passage Trail Towns through minds-on and hands-on community service.

• To be an integrated resource and asset to the Trail Town communities
• To communicate sustainable economic development opportunities
• To coordinate and increase reliance on local and regional economies
• To promote appreciate of rich cultural heritage of Southwest Pennsylvania

The SCA Trail Town Outreach Corps (TTOC) is an SCA Sustainability Corps composed of college graduates hailing from the southwest Pennsylvania region and from across the United States. This multi-year partnership blends the missions of the SCA and the Trail Town Program (a project of the Allegheny Trail Alliance and The Progress Fund), while engaging community members, businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and civic clubs in their local economies and communities.

Corps members spend 10 months of service spurring sustainable economic and community development in the Trail Towns along the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail. These towns, once quite prosperous during the peak of the coke, coal, and steel industries, are now in the process of economic recovery. SCA TTOC and our various partners see this internationally recognized trail as one source of sustainable re-development for the Trail Towns. The corps builds upon the region’s strong cultural heritage and regional recreational assets in pursuit of rural sustainability.

Each corps member is the point person for one or two Trail Towns. They attend meetings, sharing with each community our work and the work of the Trail Town Program. They then share town specific happenings with the rest of the region through our partner organizations and social media efforts. In addition, corps members take the lead on regional, local, ongoing, and short term projects. Due to the nature of our work, many projects require the entire team to participate, thus they take turns leading and being led.

Follow our progress in the Trail Towns this year to learn more about our corps and the innovative projects they work on.

For more information:
Trail Town Program – www.trailtowns.org
The Great Allegheny Passage – www.atatrail.org

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TTOC – http://www.facebook.com/TrailTownOutreachCorps
Trail Town Program – http://www.facebook.com/TrailTownProgram
Great Allegheny Passage Sustainable Business Network – http://www.facebook.com/gapsbn