Aaron Gray


Featured Earthsaver for the #Next100

SCA's Earthsaving volunteers and program participants are gaining the skills and experience they'll need to lead conservation into the next century. As a SCA Field Leader and alumnus of our programs, Aaron Grey is gaining and sharing the skills and experience he’ll need to help lead conservation into the next century. #Next100SCA

What’s your SCA story?

Just before I graduated college, I saw a posting for a service opportunity with SCA that sounded amazing. Now, five years after my first experience, I take joy in leading SCA community crews over the summer and SCA service events throughout the year. Helping people make a positive impact on our planet is one of my favorite ways to serve — it’s a privilege. I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to serve my community and planet through SCA.

Tell us about one of your favorite service experiences.

One of my favorite service events took place in Los Angeles. I have done many events that involved a lot of digging, planting, and weeding. But for this event, I was able to help an ecosystem in LA by building birdhouses for a nonprofit organization that works on improving ecosystems for wildlife in urban areas. It didn’t seem like much, but we built over 200 birdhouses that were going to be decorated by kids and placed in this part of LA to attract native birds back to the area.

Who inspires you to serve?

My first program manager (now a friend) inspires me to serve. She has such a genuine passion for conservation that you can’t help but have it run off onto you. Seeing her passion for the earthsaving work she does motivates me during the hottest, wettest, or coldest services days. I try to model that same passion for service while working with new volunteers so that I can motivate them.

What’s your favorite piece of earthsaving gear?

My favorite earthsaving gear would have to be a Pulaski. There haven’t been many problems I haven’t been able to solve by using a Pulaski.