2014 SCA Idaho AmeriCorps Wildlife, Hitch 2


Searching for the Sage-grouse.

The Sage-Grouse habitat research project was back in action again these past two weeks, working hard to monitor the Swan Basin allotment. Something new to this hitch was the introduction of riparian transects. These particular transects are taken at areas that are nearby a water source, as opposed to upland transects that are characterized by dryer, sage brush covered terrain. Riparian transects are great summer breeding habitats for Sage-Grouse and monitoring them helps ensure Sage-Grouses are better protected.

Our work goals for this hitch were met by surveying 15 different waypoints and 11 transects. Upland and riparian transects are important to understand how breeding habitats for Sage-Grouses work. Our research project considers factors of the area that can harm habitat breeding sites, like overgrazing and predator accessibility. Monitoring these areas benefit the overall sensitive species to the area and ensure that this particular type of Grouse will be protected for years to come.