2014 SCA Idaho AmeriCorps Trails, Hitch 2


The Movers of Earth.

For hitch two, the SCA crew set out to work on two different projects. One week was spent repairing the historic worm fence that was worked on during the previous week. The second week included work turning a two track trail often used by ATV and motor cycle traffic into a trail intended for hikers. The crew for the second hitch differed in composition, including: Tyler Garrett, Drew Gilberti, Hoan Tran, and Ryan Kelleher. The hitch leaders for hitch two were Jake “The Snake” Porto and Sarah Koeber. Having learned much from the first hitch, the team was determined to work faster and harder that ever before. The worm fence progressed at a faster rate than what anyone had expected. Broken fences were quickly disassembled, and new fence rails were quickly put in place. Each day the goal that was set was beaten before the day’s end, so it was not a surprise when the team blew past the weekly goal on day three, and was then able to go above and beyond in the time remaining. The increased efficiency allowed the crew to have more free time this time around, and members decided to end several of their days at a nearby alpine lake. The second week of the hitch involved a significant amount of work to convert an ATV double track into a hiking trail. This involved changing several areas of track by blowing out one of the two tracks in a way that would make it impossible for an ATV to traverse. Additionally, large rocks were dug out and rolled onto the track to ensure the track was completely inaccessible to ATVs. The work had a very high energy cost and was done in 90 degree temperature, in direct sunlight. Still, several sizeable sections were completed with no major injuries. Hitch two’s project turned out to be a success: reaching the weekly goal on the worm fence project on day three and successfully converting several areas of the two track trail into a hiking trail. On the worm fence, almost half a mile of fence was restored, that’s 74 sections each roughly 25 feet long. The trail work faired just as well with 900ft of two track trail converted to hiking trail. Hitch two proved a great triumph, with the crew, including two new members, working on two completely different projects. The crew persevered and went home with a sense of satisfaction.