2014 SCA Idaho AmeriCorps Corpsmember Biographies

Corpsmember Jared Renaud, relaxing.

Corpsmember, Jared Renaud

Born & raised in New Jersey as the eldest of a six-son homeschooling family, I like using my work as a means of getting acquainted with the unfamiliar. I attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI graduating in 2010 as a history major and archaeology minor. I’ve since used my fields of study to embark upon a decent amount of sojourning.  These past three years I’ve worked and lived around Saint Louis, MO as an archaeological technician, assisting in field- & lab-work for one of the largest archaeological sites in North America at the time. This is my second involvement with the SCA, as I’ve previously interned with them in Yosemite National Park’s fire archaeology department in 2012. My Yosemite experience encouraged me to pursue further opportunities in conservation-oriented settings, which I am continuing to do so with the Idaho Americorps and (hopefully) wherever I end up next.