2012 Got Dirt? Winner Most Definitely Has Dirt


We posed a question and it was this: Got Dirt?

The winner of this year’s Got Dirt? Photo Contest chose to answer that question literally, and with a resounding “Yes!”

Put on a smock and some goggles and acquaint yourself with “The Sandman,” this year’s grand prize-winning photograph. It was snapped by none other than Lia Heifetz, who will soon be zipping off to the destination of her choice courtesy of SCA and our official air travel partner, Southwest Airlines. Congratulations, Lia! 

Here at SCA, a photo like this inspires us to pull on our boots and head out into the woods (Though honestly, most things inspire us to do that, like a cool breeze, or a cloudless day, or the sound of our alarm clocks for example.).

In any case, there were piles and piles of excellent photos submitted this year, which made choosing a winner a joyfully difficult task. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

Second prizes (it was a tie!) go to Chad Trexler and Micah Berman for “Alpine Start” and “A Nice Water Break,” respectively. Nice work fellas. Kudos!