2011 program year concludes


On Thursday, October 20, the “Bear Brookers” of 2011 were formally recognized for their 10 months of service. The 26 members at the ceremony and 30 throughout the year logged 50,000 hours of service with most going well above and beyond the 1700 required hours. But hours aside, we will all remember this year for accomplishments and challenges. Manchester youth, grade school age, were engaged in being Earth Stewards. Thousands of NH residents and visitor discoved the Power of the Parks with our 6 Interpreters. A record number of high school youth were engaged in learning and service projects in their home state, and, of course, dozens of conservation projects were completed by three stellar crews. Last but not least the SCA NH staff; Marlee, Sue, Jeremy, Hana, and Justing did an amazing job of supporting the corps members as they worked through the joys and pains of developing their conservation ethic with hands on service to the lands and communites of NH. Great Job Everybody! Sincerely (and I do mean that!!!), Mike