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Two scientists working in a greenhouse.

Insider's Guide to Getting Into Grad School for Outdoor Careers

The world of graduate programs is alluring for many students interested in careers in the outdoors or environmental science.

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SCA interns tagging ducks with the Fish and Wildlife Service

Green Jobs posted on Conservation Nation

Look for career opportunities and job openings in your field at Conservation-Nation, SCA’s member community.

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An SCA intern talks to a National Parks Service ranger at Gateway National Seashore

Employment Opportunities with NPS

The National Park Service is recruiting for 105 positions as a Park Ranger in parks across the nation. Positions pay from $15.49 to $20.51 per hour.

Career Stories

Red Ants Pants Owner Heads to White House

Sarah Calhoun grew up on a farm, led many crews for SCA and worked in the Montan

Career Planning

Job-Seeking as a Millennial

Advice on presenting yourself as a polished, professional applicant from CEO of

Career Stories

An intersection between art and nature

Artist Andy Goldsworthy uses elements from nature to create land art.

Career Stories

Creating community to protect land worldwide

Global explorer Josh Bernstein talks with M.

Career Stories

SCA alum helps the NPS celebrate inclusivity.

NPS Ranger Michael Liang, a visual information specialist, works to make sure pe

Career Planning

Presenting Yourself on Paper

Before you can land a job, you’ve got to get an interview.

Job Resources
An SCA Intern work in plant management at a greenhouse

Society for Conservation Biology’s Career Center

Search the Society for Conservation Biology’s Career Center for conservation job openings around the world, and have new jobs sent to you each day.

Career Planning

Effective Resume Tips for Federal Jobs

Whether it’s paying attention to keywords, using numbers to highlight your accomplishments, or simply being concise, use these tips if you’re on th

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Environmental Education Job Board

Looking for a job where you can share your passion for nature and the outdoors?

Career Planning

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

If you’ve ever been asked this question in an interview, you know it can be both thought provoking and downright confusing.

Career Stories

Finding a Second Career in Conservation

You don’t have to start in conservation to end there. One woman talks about her career transition from law to conservation.

Job Resources

Conservation Job Board

Find the latest jobs in conservation, ecology, forestry, restoration, wildlife, fisheries, marine science, environmental education, land trusts, pr

Career Planning

Tips for Navigating the First 90 Days on the Job

From staying on the good side of the people who keep the office running to planning three months’ worth of lunch dates, these out-of-the-ordinary tip

Career Stories

SCA Story: Internship to Public Affairs Specialist

Tylar Greene interned with SCA in a program designed to put under-represented students on the green career track.

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SCA Interns and volunteers reclaiming urban garden spaces

Idealist Careers Social Impact Job Center

Want to do good in the world?

Career Planning

Using Social Media to Improve Your Job Search

When searching for a job, social media can be an asset — but it can also be a hazard.

Career Planning

Career Webinars by AmeriCorps Alums

Explore free webinars by AmeriCorps Alums on networking, exploring jobs overseas, translating national service experience onto a resume, using Link

Career Planning
SCA Intern at work. SCA can be the first step in a successful career.

Writing a Federal Resume

Getting started with USA Jobs doesn’t have to be scary.