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Top Ten Reasons to Work at SCA

  1. We make a difference. For more than 50 years, SCA has been connecting young people to nature through hands-on service. While others talk, SCA puts conservation into action.
  2. We’re focused on the future. Climate change, endangered species, green careers: SCA builds new generations of conservation leaders today to ensure a healthier environment tomorrow.
  3.  We’re green pioneers. SCA got started before the Wilderness Act, the EPA, or Silent Spring. We continue to grow even greener – in our beliefs, policies, and practices.
  4. We like to have fun. You can work hard and accomplish much while laughing and enjoying yourself. Otherwise, why do it?
  5. We care. About our mission and about our people. We offer a supportive culture and variety of benefits that help people meet their varying needs.
  6. We are flexible. SCA knows we don’t all fit in the same box, hence there are few set “working schedules.” We believe in flexibility to meet personal, professional, and organizational needs.
  7. We believe in service. Whether through coaching a soccer team, volunteering at a local shelter, or working in a community garden, we encourage staff to give back in a way that is meaningful to them, and we provide time to do so.
  8. We offer growth opportunities. In addition to internal promotion, we also encourage input and participation in organization-wide groups to continually strengthen and enhance staff experience and skills.
  9. We appreciate you. We know that recognition is a great motivator if done sincerely and we strive to recognize the big accomplishments and the small wins that keep us moving forward as an organization.
  10. We are a unique bunch. We are as diverse as the environment we serve. It makes for interesting conversation, varying perspectives, and a richness of culture.

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