Building the next generation of conservation leaders

7 out of 10 SCA alumni are in careers or studies that make the planet more sustainable.

This year, members volunteered 1.5 million hours of conservation service to public lands.

SCA experiences strengthen life skills that are crucial to prospering in school, work and home.

SCA volunteers served in all 50 states including the top 35 most visited National Park sites and America’s top 12 leading cities.


I want to invest in the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders.

Opportunities to serve the planet

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February 22, 2018

This February, SCA and MUFG headed back into the field to bring community conservation to three new cities: Chicago, Atlanta, and Tampa.

Conservation agent with binoculars
February 22, 2018

Within the wonderful, multifaceted world of green professions, confusion often exists between careers in conservation and those that focus on the environment. While you won’t go wrong with...

February 22, 2018
Some University of Idaho educators hope their new line of scarves will become an invasive trend, just like the noxious weeds they feature. The scarves are emblazoned with botanical prints based on...