Urban Tree House

SCA’s DC Urban Tree House (UTH) provides free and memorable environmental education programs for DC urban youth (K-12) to have fun experiences in nature, become aware of their relationship to the environment, and participate in hands-on conservation projects.

UTH programs take place in an outdoor green space located in Anacostia Park in Southeast Washington, DC. The UTH site provides a great opportunity to engage with and learn about the surrounding land and aquatic environment—particularly the District’s watershed, urban riparian ecosystems, and the inseparable relationship between the environment and its inhabitants.

What is the Urban Tree House all about?

  • Exploring and getting to know the natural environment that is in our own backyards
  • Using the outdoors as a classroom
  • Learning through experience and service
  • Empowering students to know they can make a difference
  • Environmental literacy and appreciating our own neighborhoods as habitats

What do students learn about at UTH?

  • Introduction to my local environment
  • Ecosystems and the web of life
  • Water is life! (the water cycle, watersheds, water pollution)
  • Importance and roles of native species
  • Survival skills, Leave No Trace ethics, and camping 101
  • Natural orientation and using maps
  • Interpreting nature in art
  • Healthy environment = healthy people
  • Urban pollutions and urban solutions (waste/compost/recycle, energy use, noise)
  • Climate change (what it is, impacts, everyday solutions)
  • Individuals can make a difference in their (social and ecological) community

Through environmental education, the UTH is building environmental stewardship: a sense of appreciation, responsibility and action towards protecting our natural resources. Join us for exciting education and service opportunities!

It’s all free and fun!

To register your group, simply complete our online reservation form or email UTH@thesca.org for more information.

Email: UTH@thesca.org
Phone: (240) 233-4388
Address: 1900 Anacostia Drive SE Washington, DC 20020

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Please visit the Washington, DC Office website and Community Program descriptions for further information on DC-Area year-round programs. To request activities during the school year, please email UTH@thesca.org or call 703-524-2441 to speak with SCA staff.