Veterans Opportunities

SCA welcomes US Military Veterans in all of our Corps and Internship programs across the country. We recognize that outdoor conservation work is a natural fit for many veterans who have experience living and working with others as a team, completing tasks that require endurance and rigorous physical conditioning, and adapting to outdoor living situations or other new environments.

In collaboration with federal land management agencies, SCA offers training programs to help returning veterans transition to civilian life and prepare for careers in conservation. Veterans who successfully complete these programs earn certifications in wildland firefighting, chainsaw operation, wilderness medicine, and more. They also have the opportunity to build camaraderie with other veterans and emerging conservation professionals who share a passion for service.

SCA waives application fees for all US Military Veterans. 

Veterans Fire Corps

SCA’s Veterans Fire Corps engages teams of military veterans in fire mitigation. Members work together for 12 weeks, focusing on fuels reduction, fire effects monitoring, educational outreach, and participation in prescribed fires. Explore Veterans Fire Corps

The Summer VFC is in the field from May 17-August 9

Download the VFC Flyer (PDF) for more information or to spread the word.

Veterans HistoriCorps

SCA’s Veterans HistoriCorps engages teams of military veterans in historic preservation. Members work together for 12 weeks at National Forest sites, focusing on preservation techniques including carpentry, masonry, roofing, and other professional trade skillsExplore HistoriCorps

Veterans HistoriCorps – downloadable flyer

Veteran Fire Corps Project Leader

SCA’s Project Leaders for the Veteran Fire Corps Program lead, educate, and inspire Corps Members. The Project Leaders supervise teams of five Veteran members working in National Parks and National Forests across the nation to complete fire/fuels management work. Explore the Project Leader position

Corps Programs

SCA’s team-based Corps programs are a natural fit for veterans who want to live and work on site and forge close bonds with other members of their crew. Many Corps programs focus on hands-on backcountry work including building trails, preventing forest fires, and restoring habitat, which offer a good match for candidates accustomed to rigorous physical training and conditioning. Explore Corps Programs

Local Internship Opportunities

We understand that many veterans have families and may not be able to travel long distances to accept positions in other parts of the country. We encourage these candidates to explore our local internship opportunities, which give priority to candidates who already live in the area where they will serve. Visit our Internships page and search by city and state to find opportunities near your home. Explore Local Internships

From Veterans Fire Corps members:

“I am preparing to travel to Idaho City to work with a Forest Service Recreation team. I am so thankful to the SCA for all the experiences that led me to a job that is so much something I enjoy doing.”

- Brian Ramsey, Marine Corps & Army NG

“I changed my degree plan from Psychology to Natural Resource Management due to how much I enjoyed all my experiences out in Arizona with [SCA].  I’m now a volunteer fireman here in my town.  They have paid for all my training.  I’m having a blast and I really appreciate all that SCA has done for me. I would never have known of becoming a Wildland Firefighter without being a part of that experience.” 

- Joshua Kovacs, Air Force

“This past week, Engine 711 (Type 6) from the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest hired me.  Another Fire Corps member recently got hired onto a Minnesota crew.  Without my experience with SCA, this possibly may never have happened.  The VFC was the catalyst that helped both of us get jobs.” 

- Marshall Kulp, Army


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Your child is about to embark on a life-changing experience, where they will have the opportunity to meet new friends, explore potential careers, gain leadership skills, and accomplish hands-on conservation work that will have a lasting impact on the planet.