Native Plant Corps

Native Plant Corps

Teams conduct exotic invasive plant mapping and removal using a variety of techniques, and restore native plant communities. Members collect and enter data, and assist with invasive species mapping utilizing technology such as GIS.

The SCA Native Plant Corps members serve terms from 12 weeks to six months, stationed in a single location. A typical team consists of a Project Leader and up to five members. The Project Leader is responsible for the field supervision of the team, logistics, and working with the partner throughout the course of the season. Teams work with agency partners in the mechanical or chemical removal of invasive species, or in the restoration of native plant species. Members learn restoration techniques and apply them to restore native habitats using various methods including: planting native plants, collecting seed, applying herbicide, removing shrubs and trees, monitoring, and recording planting data, and invasive plant removal. Work may also involve the propagation of native plants in greenhouses.

Members of the Native Plant Corps member receive the following trainings and certifications:

  • CPR Certification
  • Wilderness First Aid Certification
  • Leave No Trace (LNT) Outdoor Ethics
  • Invasive species identification (Botany)
  • Native plant propagation and planting
  • Chainsaw use, if applicable
  • Herbicide application, if applicable

Members will gain valuable skills while meeting needs of partners. Specific outcomes vary based on projects.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must pass a background check. They must also demonstrate the ability to lead peers, interact well with others, and provide and receive feedback. Physical fitness requirements vary by position.

Members receive weekly living allowances. Housing and field-based meals are provided, but may require significant camping for the duration of the program. Details depend upon the type of work, agency partner, and location.

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This week involved an ardent push on the Paiute apartments planting project. We planted five days out of our eight day week, which is much more planting than we have done in the past. We had the added benefit of lots of extra help. Danielle is back in action after being unable to do heavy work for several weeks due to a back injury.

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Over the weekend, Adam traveled to Virginia to talk to students at his alma mater about the SCA projects he’s been involved with since graduating. Meagan and Mason travelled to Chicago for the first time and were blown away by the windy city. Rose also ended up journeying to Chi-town to visit her grandparents where she was able to see a number of sweet wetland plants.

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Our fourth hitch began with Danny volunteering to be our first Hitch Leader of the season. With having no Native Plant Corps experience, Danny would have to reshape his trail style to plant style. The weather felt like summer and our crew learned just how weird weather can be in Northwest Indiana.

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Our lovely second hitch began with an exciting day planting with the NPS Restoration Team in the Great Marsh. This was our most productive day of the season with over 3800 plants installed. This was our first day working with the Bio Techs and we had fun meeting new people. One of the biggest surprises with working in the Great Marsh was not hearing continuous trains like our site in Cowles Bog.

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