Wilderness Intern

Expected Dates
May 18, 2015 to November 7, 2015
Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest
Position ID

The Wilderness Education Intern Program would involve hiring 1 intern for  Anaconda Pintler (AP) Wilderness to implement the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Information and Education Plan while in the field.  One intern will  be stationed on the Wisdom District with focus on working with the public, providing wilderness education and wilderness restoration (primarily through trail improvement) and they travel through the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness, post information on trailheads and be available to present Wilderness education and bear aware programs at informal settings while in the Wilderness. Duties will  include trail clearing, trail erosion control construction, and trail condition surveys.
The position will provide a great experience for someone wanting to work in a wilderness setting while providing educational contacts.  Most trails are located above 5000 feet elevation and lead to beautiful vistas of the surrounding mountains as well as high elevation lakes. Candidates should be self-motivated and self-sufficient and willing to work in a backcountry setting.   Position will require backpacking, horsemanship skills, and extended overnight camping trips.

  • The primary work area will be in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness Area which covers 159,086 acres along the Continental Divide in Southwestern Montana. One intern will be stationed on the Pintler Ranger District and the other would be stationed on the Wisdom Ranger District. The intent of the positions would be that they have the opportunity to work through out the entire Anaconda Pintler Wildernss. Much of the area lies above 9000’. Annual precipitation is 40-60”. Underlying, complex structural geology has been sculpted by recent glaciation. The diverse plant life supports large wildlife populations including mountain goat, elk, moose, deer, bear, mountain lion, and wolverine plus many smaller mammals and birds.
  • Crosscut saw certification will be provided by the agency to operate in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Area. Bear aware/bear spray, First Aid and CPR, and defensive driving will be taught the first week.
  • Wilderness management skills, Leave No Trace principles, primitive skills, bear aware training.They would also participate in the Region 1 Wilderness Rendevous.
Main Area of Focus
Backcountry/Trail work
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
Recreation Management
some coursework or experience
competent without supervision
competent without supervision
competent without supervision
Hand Tools
some experience
Community Engagement
some experience