Trails Coordinator

Expected Dates
May 26, 2015 to November 15, 2015
Catoctin Mountain Park
Position ID
Position will be the Trails Coordinator for Catoctin Mountain Park. The person will be responsible for planning, design, and coordination with volunteer groups and staff to complete trail projects.  The Trails Coordinator will survey existing conditions of the trails, develop plans and recommendations to correct any issues found, develop designs to correct those problems, and present them to the Resource Management Division staff for review. Once review is completed, the Coordinator will work with the Park’s Volunteer Coordinator to enlist volunteer groups to conduct the work and work with the other Divisions in the Park to get needed supplies and tools.  The Coordinator will also lead the work projects in the field.

Generally, work will be conducted Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  Must be willing to adjust schedule according to the availibility of volunteers to complete projects which is generally on the weekends.  Must have good hiking boots and clothing that is appropriate for all four seasons.  Spring can be wet, summer can be hot and humid, fall can be cool and damp and winter can be cold, with snow and ice. Must be flexible to change work projects due to changing conditions and priorities.

Knowledge and coursework in Geology, earth sciences and biological sciences is helpful. Knowledge of GIS would be an additional skill that would be helpful, but not required. Person will work outdoors the majority of the time in all types of weather. The candidate must have trail work experience and be able to lead groups in work assignments. They must be able to use a chainsaw and handtools.  The candidate will need to be able to take field problems and put them in writing so it can be used to brief other Park staff and volunteer groups on trail projects. the Park has a good volunteer base and many groups are willing and able to help with trail projects.

The person chosen will work out of the Resource Management Division under the supervision of the Chief of Resource Management. The Division is responsible for all natural and cultural resources in the park, environmental compliance and GIS.  There are three permanent staff within the Division, the Chief and two biologists. The park staff will provide all orientation to the park and mandatory training such as Defensive Driving and clearance to use government computers.
  • Catoctin Mountain comprises the easternmost ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Maryland. This 5,872-acre hardwood forest park with its refreshing streams and scenic vistas, offers a rare haven in a rapidly developing area of the country.

    The Park is part of a protected area that includes Cunningham Falls State Park, Frederick and Thurmont Watersheds, and Gambrill State Park.

    The Park is approximately 75 miles from Washington DC, and is within short driving distances to many Civil War battlefield locations.

  • No
Main Area of Focus
Backcountry/Trail work
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
Earth Sciences
degree minor or extensive experience
Recreation Management
degree minor or extensive experience
Resource Management
degree minor or extensive experience
competent with supervision
Chain Saw Skills
competent without supervision
Hand Tools
competent without supervision
Leadership Experience
competent with supervision
Trail Maintenance
competent without supervision