Resource Management Intern

Expected Dates
May 5, 2014 to November 17, 2014
Petersburg National Battlefield
Position ID
You will assist the Resource Management Division in a variety of cultural and natural resource projects, including control of invasive exotic vegetation, analysis of water quality, assisting with pest management program, helping with educational programs, and assisting with the design and construction of recreational trails (40%). You will provide assistance with cultural resource management, learning cultural landscape management techniques, to preserve, maintain and restore Civil War cultural landscapes and vistas (clearing, mowing, liming, fertilizing of landscapes and earthworks), assisting archaeologist and curator with various excavation and collection projects, and conducting historical research (40%). You will work with GIS, train and learn equipment for field data collection, data entry, and use of computer software to produce digital maps, in addition to GIS mapping of park infrastructure, natural and cultural resources, projects and monitoring sites (10%). You will also assist with a variety of project management duties, which include assisting with planning, compliance, documentation and project oversight (10%).

Candidate should demonstrate mature judgment and initiative to carry out the assigned tasks independently and in a safe and satisfactory manner; ability to communicate orally and in writing; computer skills; interest in biological research; interest in learning to rehabilitate and maintain cultural landscapes; interest in learning to improve and maintain 8 mile multi-use trail system; ability to perform field research and manual labor in all weather conditions. A personal vehicle is recommended but not required.
  • Park familiarization; safety; equipment usage including GIS/GPS, computer and light duty landscaping equipment; on-the-job training.
  • Opportunities to learn general resource management, biological research techniques, a variety of landscaping techniques in a historic setting plus design, & installation and maintenance of recreational trails. Gain exposure to GIS/GPS, & digital photograp
  • No
Main Area of Focus
General Resource Management
Education, Training & Skills Expected