Museum Intern

Expected Dates
September 22, 2014 to December 14, 2014
Ozark National Scenic Riverway
Position ID
Ozark National Scenic Riverways’ (ONSR) museum collection is a unique blend of cultural and natural objects.  The intern for the summer of 2014 will primarily work with cultural items, but may occasionally have the opportunity to assist with natural specimens.  This internship has two main tasks; one will be the processing of oral history recordings, and the other will be cataloging a portion of ONSR’s photograph collection.  The ultimate objective of this position will be to make more items accessible to the public, either through the park website, or ease of access for researchers.  The intern will receive on the job training working one on one with the park’s museum professional.  Come to Van Buren Missouri and learn about many facets of working in a NPS museum in addition to the duties of cataloging, scanning and transcribing during the 2014 summer.

The transcription and processing of oral histories dating from the 1970s to 2013  
The park was created in 1964, removing many families from the land along the river.  The oral histories in the park’s collection date from the 1970s until 2013.  They cover a vast number of topics, including Ozark lifeways, use of the rivers and land, and the way of life unique to South Central Missouri. 

Intern will receive training on how to transcribe, create or update catalog information, and provide a detailed description of each history.  Transcriptions will primarily be done using a computer, but use of tape recorders and reel-to-reel players may also be used if time permits.  

Photograph Collection
The photograph collection is a massive assemblage and many images are not identified and cataloged.  The intern will catalog, scan and rehouse photos dating from the late 1800s until 1980s.  By inserting the information into the park’s collection database, the intern will be providing accessibility to researchers who otherwise would not know they are in the collection. 
  • Position will be in Van Buren, Missouri in south central Missouri. Will work in the Big Springs district of the park.
  • Training will be given to give the intern basic understanding of many NPS museum standards. Training on the processing of oral histories and photographs will also be provided.
  • Ozark National Scenic Riverways was the first National Park unit to protect rivers. The Current and Jacks Fork Rivers are beautifully clear, spring fed, free flowing rivers that offer a variety of activities such as boating and fishing.
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
degree minor or extensive experience
Computer Science
some experience
some experience