Education and Trail Massachusetts Parks Team

Expected Dates
October 13, 2014 to August 16, 2015
SCA Massachusetts
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Develop leadership and teaching skills through presenting environmental education and service learning programs at local schools, 40%; gain hands-on experience through conducting outdoor conservation projects- these projects are primarily related to trail construction and maintenance but could also include habitat restoration, invasive species removal, recreational facility improvement, etc. Leadership skills development is an important aspect of the trail component of the program and each corps member will serve as a crew leader for at least one project, 40%; earn certifications and develop broad range of skills through training and educational opportunities, 20%.

Summary of Service Responsibilities

The SCA Massachusetts corps member is responsible for developing a winter service project focused on the environmental education of youth and assisting state agencies and non-profit organizations with projects, and a summer service project which provides much needed maintenance and development for conservation lands in the state.  In addition to these main components, SCA corps members serve local communities while living in rustic settings.



Corps members serve approximately 45 hours a week for a period of 10 months.  Members must achieve a minimum of 1700 hours of service within that 10-month period (roughly 42 weeks of service). Service hours are typically performed Monday through Friday; however, some weekend service will be necessary.  The general schedule each day is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Essential Functions and Qualifications

Due to the diversity of service projects and programs, corps members need to be adequately prepared and qualified to work in diverse situations and environments.  The winter service component requires that members be able to develop and administer environmental education curriculum within public schools and various after-school programs.  The summer component requires that members be able to provide much needed conservation work as determined by state priorities.


Winter Service Project

The corps member is responsible for developing and implementing education and community outreach projects November through March.


1.       Members will develop and implement a 12-week environmental education program at either the elementary, middle school or high school level.

2.       Members may serve with non-profit or state agencies completing special projects over a 12-week period.

3.       Members may serve with an after school service provider to develop and implement a 12-week program plan.

4.       The member is responsible for ensuring that the stated objectives of their teaching and after school service project contracts are met and evaluated in a timely manner.

5.       Members wear their SCA corps uniform during the time that they are providing service.  They abide by standards of professionalism in the schools and after-school programs with which they serve.

6.       Members deliver and collect mid-point and final performance evaluations from both the teacher and after-school service project supervisors.

Summer Service Project

The SCA Corps Member participates in service crews at state and public lands and serves as a crew leader for at least one crew over the summer.  The summer service component runs from April until August.



1.       Act in a leadership role supervising their peers as Crew Leader, serving as a professional liaison with park managers, handling the logistics of a project, delegating responsibilities, and developing emergency response plans.

2.       Ensure the safe operations of the entire crew with respect to tools, availability of first aid kits, safety gear, and communication.

3.       Ensure punctuality of crew arrival at service site and the quality of service provided.

4.       Serve in a professional manner as a liaison between park managers and the crew.

5.       Crew leaders must complete a detailed list of all projects worked on at the project site.

6.       At the completion of their stint at a particular site, crew leaders submit a crew evaluation form to the park manager with whom they work so that the park manager can evaluate the work the crew just performed.


It is our strong belief that equal opportunity for all members is central to the continued success of our programs. We will not discriminate against an applicant because of race, religious creed„ religion, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, age, physical disability, mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity characteristics or expressions in selections, terminations and or recommendations. Opportunity is provided to all applicants in the basis of qualifications and program requirements. Upon request, reasonable accommodations will be provided to applicants during the selection process and to members during service.

  • The SCA Massachusetts Corps is a partnership between SCA, AmeriCorps, The Massachusetts Service Alliance, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The program iis based in the beautiful Kenneth Dubuque State Forest in northwest MA. From October-March corps members serve in local schools teaching environmental education and from April-August as part of a crew on conservation lands across the state.
  • Lesson Planning, teaching youth K-6, learning styles, Wilderness First Responder, trail crew leadership, risk management, trail maintenance and construction
Main Area of Focus
Education and Interpretation
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience