Arthropod biodiversity intern (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)

Expected Dates
May 18, 2015 to August 9, 2015
Position ID
NACE is looking for an intern to coordinate the biodiversity project at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and park for the summer of 2015.  Primary duties include:
-  planning 3 arthropod biodiversity collecting events involving local youth  (15%)
- coordinating with non-profit youth education groups for the collecting events  (15%)
- working with researchers at the Smithsonian Institution and USDA to organize the collection of various groups of arthropods  (10%)
- working with the park staff to plan the events and ongoing research collecting  (15%)
- working with researchers and NPS curatorial staff to initiate sorting all collected arthropods to the order level  (10%)
- preparing arthropod specimens for curation and storage  (10%)
- entering species data into several park databases  (5%)
- documenting the biodiversity collecting events with photos and video  (5%)
- contributing to the park web site and social media to reflect arthropod biodiversity and planned events  (5%)
- help develop interpretive media on arthropod biodiversity and its importance  (5%)
- performing other resource management duties as time and interest allow such as participating in the annual Canada goose population census, working with the regional vegetation monitoring crew to monitor forest health plots, working with the regional invasive plant crew when they are in the park.  (5%)
  • Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens in National Capital Parks-East (NACE) is the only National Park area dedicated to the propagation of water plants. It is also home to the only remaining fragment of what was once an extensive stretch of freshwater tidal marsh along the Anacostia River and several acres of managed meadows.
    In addition to being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens has significant natural resources. However it is surrounded by an urban city and is plagued with many of the threats that come with urbanization such as development and invasive species. The park was given a grant to involve local youth in nature study to allow them to experience the excitement of biodiversity discovery and also to document many of the invertebrates currently present in the park. The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is also the site of the first “Bioblitz,” and is where the term was coined.
  • Training in several areas will be provided: training in insect identification skills, curation techniques, integrated pest management, and invasive plant treatment methods.
  • This position will involve working with several of the Smithsonian biologists to catalog and curate the insect specimens collected. Washington DC is also home to several National Parks, and recreational and cultural opportunities abound.
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
degree minor or extensive experience
Resource Management
degree minor or extensive experience
Field Research
competent without supervision
Leadership Experience
competent without supervision
Community Engagement
competent without supervision
Volunteer Coordination
competent without supervision
Working with Children
competent without supervision