Jeff Chen

Recruiting Representative, Northwest & Alaska Region

Contact: 907-717-8414 or

Recruiter Bio

Jeff is an SCA Recruiter for the Alaska Region and also tribal colleges in the lower-48, which means that he gets to help connect young people with awesome conservation opportunities in extraordinary places. Jeff lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where he recruits students for high school trail crews, and also works more broadly with tribal entities across the country to recruit young adults for Conservation Internships.

After an amazing summer internship with SCA at Yosemite National Park, Jeff began to think about how to fuse his interests with his career path. In college, he focused his studies on broadcast journalism, music, and environmental science. Throughout the years, with the help of great mentors, Jeff patched together several jobs with National Geographic, NBC Washington, Heifetz International Music Institute, Inyo National Forest, and High Country News. Through these various work experiences, he developed the courage to co-found a nonprofit project called Pick Up America. The group hit the road in 2010, and have since completed the nation’s first coast-to-coast litter pick-up.

Jeff loves being outdoors, likes to produce short films, and and enjoys playing music. He also has a strong interest in diversity – especially how it relates to the conservation movement. If you have questions about SCA or otherwise, feel free to get in touch!

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