Dana Wu

Northwest Recruiting Representative


Drawn by the luscious landscapes and rich marine ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, Dana flew her parents’ Los Angeles coop to attend the University of Puget Sound. There, she served on the Sustainability Advisory Committee and as an active campus member while living in an eco-friendly theme house. After graduating with a Biology degree and Environmental Studies minor, Dana took a break from the hard sciences by working various jobs within the specialty retail and hospitality industries.

Dana reevaluated her priorities and revisited her passion and interest in marine conservation work after separately closing down two local businesses. In March 2013, Dana was thrilled to begin her first SCA internship leading the Marine Ambassadors Program at Olympic National Park. This position eventually launched her into another year-long internship in 2014, where she organized beach cleanups along the Olympic coast as the Marine Debris Removal Project Coordinator.

After serving two consecutive internships, Dana is excited to continue inspiring the next generation of conservation leaders as an SCA recruiter. When she is not spreading the good word about SCA or searching for qualified candidates, Dana might be spotted at a nearby beach, the local bowling alley, or curled up on her recliner with a good book. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got any questions at all!


2015-2016 Recruiting Schedule

Green River College  10/7/2015 Auburn WA
Highline Community College 10/8 Des Moines WA
University of Washington 10/9 Seattle WA
Northwest Indian College 10/13 Bellingham WA
Western Washington University 10/14 Bellingham WA
Antioch University 10/15 Seattle WA
National Education Indian Association Convention 10/17 Portland  OR

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