National Crews

From Rocky Mountain National Park to the Cumberland Island National Seashore, from Amistad National Recreation Area to the Blue Ridge Parkway public lands across the United States are in need of a little TLC. SCA’s National Crews offer you a chance to visit places you’ve never seen before, camping with your crew members in the field to enjoy nature at its best. You’ll be building trails, conserving vital habitats, and protecting natural resources for future generations. National Crews will also set you on the path to other SCA opportunities, like Trail Corps and Conservation Internships.

Application Deadline: March 2, 2015

National Crews:

  • Include 6 to 8 teenagers per crew
  • Serve 2 to 5 weeks in the summer
  • Are supervised by two experienced adult leaders
  • Are tuition free*

National Crew Members:

  • ŸComplete trail maintenance and site restoration projects in national, regional, state, or local parks
  • ŸLive in tents** on site and cook their own meals
  • ŸDevelop collaboration and leadership skills
  • Work with high school students from across the country
  • ŸLearn about local wildlife and help to preserve vital habitats
  • ŸLearn practical outdoor skills and practice Leave No Trace camping
  • ŸExplore local outdoor recreational opportunities with their crew on non-work days

The ideal candidate:

  • ŸIs 15 to 19 years old on the start date of the crew
  • ŸIs a current high school student, or graduated from high school the semester directly before the summer crew
  • ŸDemonstrates leadership skills and/or responsibility
  • ŸParticipates with extracurricular groups or volunteer organizations
  • ŸLikes working with people
  • ŸEnjoys spending time outdoors
  • ŸWants to learn more about ecology or environmental topics

2015 National Crew Program Dates

Candidates must be available for at least one of the date ranges listed below. Wider dates of availability increase your chances of being selected for a position.


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

2 Week Crews

6/8 – 6/21

6/15 - 6/28

7/13 – 7/26

7/27 – 8/9

3 Week Crews

6/8 – 6/28

6/15 – 7/5

7/13 – 8/2

7/27 – 8/16

4 Week Crews

6/8 – 7/5

6/15 – 7/12

7/13 – 8/9

7/27 – 8/23

5 Week Crews

6/8 – 7/12

6/15 – 7/19

7/13 – 8/16

7/27 – 8/30

How to apply:

  • Login to MySCA
  • Complete the online SCA application, including the Crews section
  • Pay the one-time $25 application fee
  • If you already have an SCA Crew application, update your dates, essays, preferences and references for 2015
  • Apply early! SCA will be using a rolling admissions process. This means that we will begin reviewing applications as soon as they come in.
  • Application Deadline: March 2, 2015
  • Your application must be complete by March 2nd to be considered for the 2015 National Crew program.

2015 National Crew Admissions Process

We have a new admissions process for 2015! In response to your requests to place candidates earlier in the spring, SCA is instituting a rolling admissions policy.

This means that you may receive an Early Action offer to participate in the National Crew program as soon as January. If you accept, SCA will reserve a spot for you for summer 2015. You won’t know yet where you’ll be going or the exact dates of the crew, but you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll receive a crew assignment for summer 2015.

Once the details for a specific crew become available, SCA will send you a position assignment with all of the details that you’ll need to make a final decision: the start and end dates of the crew, the crew location, and the airport that you’ll travel to to meet up with your crew leaders.

January through March:

  • Selected candidates will receive an emailed Early Action offer

SCA will reserve a spot for you in the 2015 National Crew program when:

  • You accept this offer
  • You complete the required paperwork
  • SCA reviews your medical form and clears you to participate

March through April:

  • As soon as position details become available, candidates who accepted the Early Action offer will receive a position assignment with crew dates, location and travel information
  • You will have the opportunity to accept or decline the position assignment
  • April 1: All candidates who are not selected will receive an email declining their participation or inviting them to be placed on a waitlist

**Many crew position locations will not be finalized until later in the spring, so you will not know your specific crew assignment when you accept the Early Action offer. SCA will provide you with a crew assignment as soon as positions are finalized. Please note, you may not receive your crew assignment until the end of April. **

Questions about National Crews?

* Participants are responsible for the cost of travel between the participant’s home and the crew location. All living costs are covered during the crew. National Crew members are eligible for up to $400 in financial aid to assist in the cost of travel. Selected members will receive a financial aid application when they receive their crew assignment.

**Occasionally crews will live in dormitory-style housing.


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