• SCA Member Jeremy Taitano has been honored with The North Face "Never Stop" Grant

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REI Chooses to #OptOutside Again in 2016

Last year, when REI chose to close its 149 stores on Black Friday, giving its 12,287 employees a paid day off and urging its customers to spend the day enjoying the great outdoors rather than inside shopping, 170 organizations and over 1.4 million people joined the company in choosing to #optoutside . This... Read more


3 Reasons That All Conservationists Should Vote in 2016

by Joe Thurston , SCA At the core of SCA’s mission is our effort to grow and empower the next generation of conservation leaders. Key to any sort of leadership, conservation or otherwise, is civic engagement. One can’t claim to be a leader within a democratic society if one declines to participate in... Read more


Someone Replayed Your Snap

3 SCA interns recently got to takeover Department of Interior’s Snapchat account for a day as part of AmeriCorps’ social media celebration of their 1 millionth member milestone. As you might guess, the 3 interns ( Anna Gibson , Emilia Schrier , and Alaggio Laurino ) in quesion were pretty excited for... Read more


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