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Stories from the Field

A Conversation with Dr. Donna Shaver, Saver of Sea Turtles

As a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador at Padre Island National Seashore, I’ve got to meet some pretty cool people. Recently I say down with Dr. Donna Shaver, Chief of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery at Padre Island. Given we’re both natives of New York, Cornell University grads and SCA alumni, we have much in... Read more


The Importance of Butterfly Gardening

by Hannah Atkinson, SCA Monarch Intern for Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Pollinators across the country need your help! There is increasing evidence that many pollinators are in decline. Healthy populations of monarch butterflies and bees are a reflection of the health of the... Read more


Alumni Profile: The Grand Canyon’s Best-Kept Secrets

Todd Nelson is the volunteer coordinator at Grand Canyon National Park. We asked him about his career, the National Park Service centennial, and the future of America’s Best Idea. Why do you like working with volunteers? What solidified it for me was working with college students on alternative [service]... Read more


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