Intern Preparation and Arrival

Congratulations on your candidate selection! Once you have spoken with the candidate and confirmed their selection to the position, please send them a written confirmation of what you’ve discussed. Keep in mind, the offer has to be sent through your MySCA Portal for SCA to make an official offer and enroll the intern. 

Things to Consider

Please consider the following questions prior to the arrival of your intern(s):

  • How is the intern getting to your site: driving, flying, bus? Suggest a recommended means of transportation or the closest airport or bus station.
  • How is housing being handled? See the SCA housing policy below if housing is not being provided onsite.
  • Does SCA have the correct start and end dates for the internship?  Always notify your Coordinator when there is a change to the start or end dates.
  • Is your agreement (Task Agreement, Supplemental Project Agreement, Purchase Order, Assistance Award) being processed? An intern cannot start until SCA has a signed agreement in place.
  • Does SCA have the correct mailing address for sending the uniform?

General Information

The following additional information will help the intern be prepared for working and living at your site.

  • A specific and complete description of job duties; be sure to note any changes from the original position description.
  • A description of the housing facilities, including location (proximity to your site), and whether cooking utensils and household items are included (see the Intern Housing Policy section).
  • Personal equipment and clothing needed both on- and off-duty.
  • Information on the proximity of stores and laundry facilities is helpful. What is the distance to stores and how often will the intern be able to shop? Should the intern bring a small supply of food to get started until he or she can get to a store? What items are best brought from home due to high prices in the area?
  • Suggest recommended means of transportation to the area. What is the most convenient airport? Is a personal vehicle required? Is there public transportation in the area?
  • Include the name of the person who will meet the intern upon arrival. If no one will be meeting him or her, where and to whom should the intern report? Exchange contact information in case the intern needs to contact you with any changes in plans.
  • Include general information about your area, especially the location where the intern will be working and living. Be sure to include information pertaining to climate and terrain, if this will affect clothing or equipment needs. Indicate details of any dress or appearance standards.
  • Is an ATM available at or near the site? Let the intern know if traveler’s checks or cash are necessary. SCA gives each intern a pay card and “loads” the card biweekly with the intern’s allowance(s). The card may be used at ATMs and any store that accepts credit/debit cards.
  • Date changes must be communicated to your Coordinator to ensure that the intern receives their allowance(s) at the appropriate time, that AmeriCorps award dates are correct, and that the internship is compliant with dates specified on the agreement.
  • While it’s rare, an intern can withdraw from a position prior to the start date, so we encourage you to remain in contact with your intern and be available to answer any questions prior to arrival.

Background Checks

SCA’s Background Check

All selected interns are subject to a criminal background check, which must be completed before the intern begins their service. The check may take two or more weeks, so please plan accordingly as it can impact when your intern starts their position. The check is in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All information pertaining to the check will be kept confidential and shared only with SCA program supervisory staff in the event of an unfavorable record.  It is a good idea to make the applicant aware of the background check requirement during the hiring interview. A history of crimes against youth or other vulnerable populations, violent crimes, or crimes of moral turpitude may disqualify the applicant for an internship. An email will be sent to the intern directly from customer service at Easy Background Checks once SCA is notified of their selection. Please note: SCA’s background check is separate from, and may not qualify for, background checks or security clearance as required by your agency. 

Federal Background Investigations (HSPD-12)

Those interns participating in the AmeriCorps Education Award program also must pass an FBI background check.  To complete this process, we partner with FieldPrint, an authorized FBI Livescan vendor, with a network of Livescan sites located around the country.  Interns need to fill out information on line via the FieldPrint website, schedule an appointment at a local Livescan location, and pay the $50 processing fee.  Fingerprints will be automatically sent directly to the FBI where they will be compared against the national criminal records database.  The intern must then share the results of the check with SCA in order to be enrolled in the AmeriCorps program.  This process is separate from any background check required by your agency.