Changes to Dates of Service

If the dates of the internship change for any reason, contact your Coordinator immediately.  It’s important for SCA to have this information as soon as possible so that we can adjust payroll and other paperwork and ensure the position is within the terms of the agreement. Date changes can also affect the AmeriCorps award.

Withdrawals and Early Exits

In the event an intern does not arrive at the agreed upon time, declines a position after accepting it, or leaves his/her position early, please notify your Coordinator immediately. If you wish, we will attempt to replace the intern if he or she leaves before the position is completed. An intern who leaves voluntarily, is terminated, or is hired at your site, may forfeit their AmeriCorps award. They may also be required to refund any allowance received for weeks not worked. Interns leaving due to illness or family emergency may be eligible for a pro-rated AmeriCorps award.  See the AmeriCorps section below. If you select a second intern to replace a member who left during the first two weeks of a position, you will not be billed for costs associated with the placement of the first intern. (This rule does not apply when you hire an intern at your site.) If you do not replace the original intern, you will be billed for the actual funds paid to the intern, including travel and living allowances that were not returned to SCA by the intern.


Occasionally there may be situations where an intern is not meeting expectations or is violating agency rules of conduct.  SCA encourages you and the intern to engage your Coordinator as early as possible to express concerns and discuss possible resolutions. In the event that termination is the only option, SCA expects to be engaged prior to the dismissal of the intern.  SCA does a review of all terminations to determine whether the individual will be eligible to apply to SCA programming in the future. Your concerns regarding the intern will be considered in this review.