This year AmeriCorps is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and SCA, having partnered with AmeriCorps since its inception, is celebrating 20 years of this amazing partnership!  In 1994, SCA started the New Hampshire AmeriCorps program in Bear Brook State park.  Today we have State AmeriCorps programs in NH, Mass, NY and Idaho; and support members nationally through our Ed Award program, our Veteran’s Fire Corps and our National Direct Stewardship Teams program which focuses on getting youth in the great outdoors.  All totaled, SCA has fielded over 19,000 AmeriCorps members in the past 20 years and we look forward to supporting many more in the years to come. 

Every day in communities across America, AmeriCorps members are making a powerful impact on the most critical issues facing our nation.  Whether improving schools, fighting poverty, rebuilding after disasters, providing health services, preserving the environment, or supporting veterans and military families, AmeriCorps members are getting things done.

Since its inception, more than 820,000 men and women have taken the AmeriCorps pledge, serving more than 1 billion hours and improving the lives of countless Americans. 

On September 12th, there will be a nationwide swearing-in ceremony, coupled with celebratory events held all over the country in recognition of AmeriCorps’ 20 years.  The 20th will recognize important moments in AmeriCorps’ history but it will also look ahead to our exciting future by demonstrating impact, building partnerships, and increasing service opportunities to serve.

Learn more about SCA AmeriCorps programs and opportunities. We encourage our agency partners to learn more about AmeriCorps program requirements



News, Stories & Projects

For the first Wildlife hitch, the crew consisted of Josephine Gingerich and Tyler Garrett.  This project is mostly active field biology on a range of species.  For our first hitch we headed to the town of Leadore, ID, population 105.  Originally a mining town (lead-ore), it is surrounded by vast sagebrush foothills, rife with wildflowers.  This is habitat for the Greater Sage-grouse, a bird species that is a candidate for Idaho’s endangered species list.  These birds h

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Earth Day NYC 2014: Hudson River Park

An army of blue-clad Conservation Rock Stars stormed Hudson River Park on Saturday, celebrating Earth Day with hands-on service at April’s ConSERVE NYC event.

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Hitch 4 brought WildCorps to the Living Desert, a public botanical garden and zoo in Palm Desert, CA. The Living Desert is unique in that it is the only American zoo focused solely on the deserts of the world.

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If I told you of a human-made environmental crisis so widespread that it threatened many of the places we hold dear, a dilemma that has spurred controversial commentaries from those in the media and divergent responses from government, you’d say I was referring to climate change. And you would be wrong.

Much like climate change, however, this threat is hard for the average person to see and even more difficult to understand.  And it started over 60 years ago.

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After living in the desert through the heart of winter, springtime in the Mojave comes on like a freight train, and suddenly you’re walking through a Ralph Steadman painting and there’s lilies and poppies and blue dicks and the beavertail cactus is blooming, as is the creosote and the bladderpod and the hopsage.

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