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The Top-Rated Environmental Charities

Do you have one of those friends who doesn’t donate to charity because he’s so darn sure that the money just goes to waste? “They just spend all the charity money on candy,” says your friend. He may not say that, but I’m sure he says something equally bizarre.

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Silence is Golden

By Lauren Traut

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21 Places to Look for Green Volunteering Opportunities

By Carolyn Mansfield

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A Talk with Smokies Trails Supervisor Tobias Miller

By Danny Bernstein - © 2009 Mountain Xpress

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SCA/AmeriCorps Interns to Work on Rail Trail in Waltham

MA Rail Trail

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Green Jobs, Green Economy

By Kendall Schwartz

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A city garden is growing

Thirty volunteers with the Student Conservation Association, a nonprofit organization that involves youths in conservation and greening projects, will also help with the clearing and the planting.

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Lassen park will get $15.7 million in stimulus money

“We’re very excited about this because we’ll be able to hire a bunch of local labor and also additional summer interns through the Student Conservation Association to work on our projects,” said Jim Milestone, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area superintendent.

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Baltimore City Teen Has Special Earth Day

BALTIMORE (WJZ) This is an Earth Day a Baltimore City teen will remember for the rest of his life.

As Mike Schuh reports, the City College junior’s passion for the environment led him to a national stage.

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The Obamas and Clinton Plant Some Trees

Peter Baker of the New York Times — and formerly of The Washington Post — was the pool reporter for President Obama’s tree planting event with the Student Conservation Association this afternoon. His report:

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