How will I get to my internship site? How do I set up my travel?

SCA provides members with a travel allowance. The travel allowance will be added to your chase card. The amount added is dependent on your site location. The standard amount is $650. However, you may be eligible for more travel allowance if your site is not in the contiguous US, if it is in a remote location, if it requires a vehicle. If your position is listed as “local only”, you many not qualify for the standard travel allowance but instead can receive community travel benefits.

Members are responsible for booking their own travel. We encourage members to look into booking flights with SCA’s official airline Southwest. They do not charge change fees or baggage fees (up to 2 bags.)

Please note, this policy has changed from previous years. Returning members should not use our previous travel agency, Egencia, to book travel. Also note, that you are no longer responsible for keeping or submitting receipts. And, you can decide how you want to use the travel allowance. As long as you get to your site, the travel allowance is yours. Yes, we heard your requests for a more streamlined travel policy.