SCA Celebrates Women’s History Month, 2015

This week, SCA commemorates Women’s History Month by profiling some of our own whose legacies have changed our world forever.

Margaret Mary Meagher

SCA 1957 – Olympic National Park

Yellowstone National Park contains more than 1,100 miles of trail and among the most impressive is the one blazed by Dr. Mary Meagher. A first-year SCA alumna (Olympic NP, ‘57), Mary is widely credited with paving the way for women scientists in the park service. “Agencies did not hire women at that time, at least with my training and interests,” she says. “That’s just how things were.”


Liz Putnam

Liz Putnam could have pulled any number of strings to join SCA’s Greater Yellowstone Recovery Corps – after all, she founded SCA! But, in 1989, she filled out an application just like everyone else.Read more

Dr. Donna Shaver

SCA 1980, Padre Island National Seashore

“It was the first time I saw the ocean or a sea turtle,” says Donna Shaver, recalling her SCA internship at Padre Island National Seashore nearly 35 years ago. “It changed my career and my life.”
Indeed, she’s been at Padre Island ever since. Dr. Shaver’s internship convinced her “to dedicate my career to helping recover dwindling sea turtle populations and study these animals. I have spent my working career doing so.”Read more

Allison Whipple Rockefeller

SCA 1975, 1976

“Somehow we’ve silo-ed the health of the earth into a political issue: them versus us. I can’t stand opposition on that level. It’s ignorant, upsetting, and un-American.”Read more

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