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Degrees of latitude I cannot measure but I picked up at least 40 degrees of Fahrenheit between Gateway Nat’l Rec Area and Padre Island Nat’l Seashore. PAIS, in the shorthand of the National Park Service, is one of two SCA Alternative Spring Break sites sponsored by American Eagle this year. Grand Canyon is the other.

by Kevin Hamilton With New Hampshire (where SCA is headquartered) under a near record 100+ inches of snow, I was looking forward to my Alternative Spring Break assignments. First stop: Gateway National Recreation Area in New Jersey, one of four National Park Service locations where SCA is offering graduate students the opportunity to work with park scientists, managers and policy makers.

Photos from our Warm Springs Firemon Program and Seattle CLC, via The SCA Flickr Group. Seattle CLC - January 2008

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Yellowstone - No Year - No Caption Found in the archives, this is pretty awesome and will probably end up in the EarthVision video.

Being from New England, I haven’t traveled too much ‘round Dixie, but last week I got to visit a number of beautiful colleges in Southern Virginia, and I had a great time.

Hey everyone, Daniel Parr back again with an update of EarthVision: On the Road. I’ve been getting a lot of enthusiastic, positive responses from alumni and non-alumni alike about the potential that EarthVision has. I’d like you to meet an attendee I’ve had the pleasure of meeting…

I want to share with everyone the “day on” we had here in DC on the MLK Jr.

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More photos from SCA’s archive. Click here for the slideshow.

More photos from SCA’s archive. Click here for the slideshow.

While it is truly great to think about how far SCA has come in the last 50 years, Kevin mentioned a good point in a presentation today. Remember the past, but look to the future. What will SCA’s next 50 years be like? One of the biggest (if not the biggest) topics of 2007 for us is global climate change.

Send us your SCA photos and videos! They can be from now, 2007, 1957, or anywhere in between.

All right! Daniel Parr here, SCA Mass Parks ‘07 alum, current CLC DC Crew leader, and newly-appointed EarthVision Communications Specialist.